The Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy (AGIP)

Based in: N19, London,

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AGIP is offering reduced cost psychotherapy to ex-services personnel and members of their family.
Psychoanalytic psychotherapy addresses complex and deep-seated distress, thereby reducing symptoms and alleviating suffering. It may may help those who: have problems forming or maintaining relationships; lack self-confidence and/or do not fulfil their potential; feel depressed; have suffered bereavement or other forms of loss, either recently or in the past; experience sexual difficulties; suffer phobias, eating disorders, panic attacks or obsessions. To pursue this further, you can ring the AGIP office to book an assessment. There is a (reduced) charge for the assessment. But let me say (and this is Martin Pollecoff speaking here), this is a terrific opportunity and so please call them and find out more because this kind of work requires commitment from the beginning so its important to understand what is on offer here.


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