Penny Blake

Based in: Tunbridge Wells,

Qualifications: BA(Hons) MSc. MClinSci. QualCoPsychol, HPC Reg. and BPS Chartered Psychologist. Chartered Scientist. UKCP Reg. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. Forensic Psychotherapist.

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Penny Blake Specialist Psychology and Psychotherapy Services is an independent practice offering psychotherapy and counselling to adolescents and adults suffering from a range of emotional and psychological problems including trauma related difficulties or Post Trumatic Stress Disorder as a result of recent or past events. Trauma can affect anyone but some groups by their occupation are at greater risk, for example; service men and women, medical staff, members of the rescue services, the police and the prison services, refugees, and adults who experienced traumatising events in childhood. Sometimes trauma related difficulties emerge shortly after an experience, and sometimes not until months or even years later. PTSD can develop as the result of a single experience or from the accumulated stressors of exposure to prolonged threat or danger. For service men and women distress and difficulties can develop during the challenging process of making the transition from the necessary training and attitude for active service and the transition back to civilian life. The families of traumatised individuals may also experience secondary trauma and the results can include considerable relationship, employment and social difficulties.
Penny has considerable experience in assessing and treating trauma related problems, and assessing and reporting upon the impact of trauma as an expert witness in legal or employment matters. Do please ring or email Penny if you would like assistance.


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