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When it comes to getting help for psychological pain ex-services men and women are amongst the most excluded groups in Britain. By nature and by training they tend to be fiercely proud and independent.

On average, it takes 13 years from leaving the forces before ex-service men and women seek help. By then they have often left their partners, their children, their jobs – they may be drinking too much or even homeless. As I said, it takes a lot for someone from the services to ask for help.

If you feel stuck or you feel that you have issues that you want to discuss then please contact us – you deserve all the help you can ask for.

In battle we want people who can take pain, keep going and not complain relying on nobody but their comrades. These may be wonderful virtues in war but they are not appropriate to successful living outside of a war zone.

There is no need to be in pain and asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

We are being approached by men and women who have served in Britain’s wars as far back as the Korean conflict. They have carried too much pain for far too long.

We are being approached by wives who cannot bear to see the men they love living as they do.

The only professions who actually deal with such issues are the counsellors and psychotherapists – so we are offering our services at low cost. This is our gesture of thanks to you.

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